Brand protection in China

Way Insight helps international businesses build a brand in the second largest economy. Even if you are not selling in China now, registering a trademark in China can help protect businesses from “bad-faith” registers and gives you more room to expand to China smoothly in the future.

Process and Timeline

Trademark verification
Documents preparation and collection
Submission(~ 7 days)
CNIPA payment notice(~ 15 days)
Filing receipt
Substantive examination(~ 6 months)
Publication(3 months)
Registration & Certification(10 years)

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Registration with Customs PRC

The General Administration of Customs (GAC) is responsible for managing the import and export of goods and services into mainland China. GAC has the authority to detain, seize, forfeit, and ultimately destroy merchandise if it bears an infringing trademark that has been registered with the GAC.

Way Insight IP Services offer services to intellectual property right owners to registering the legal status of their IP, related goods, and legal use of IPR with GAC at the Customs IP Protection System (知识产权海关保护备案电子系统).

General Administration of Customs, P.R. China

Customs IP Protection System

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Drawings & illustration

Way Insight IP Services provide global IP firms, attorneys and individual businesses with illustration and drawing services.
We have handled a diverse portfolio of utility, design and trademark, in various fields including  mechanical engineering, chemistry and biomedicine. We offer a clear fee structure based on project complexity and free revisions during the prosecution process. We also take pride in delivering high quality drawings to our clients on time and within budget.


Establish drawing basis and assess complexity
Estimate project cost
Receive an order from the client
Execute project
Assure quality
Settle payment

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Global IP portfolio maintenance

Way Insight IP Services helps IP firms, attorneys and individual businesses maintain and restore all types of registered intellectual property rights including patent, design and trademarks worldwide.
You no longer have to look for a local attorney every year to pay annuities or renew trademarks. We make this easy by act as a single gateway to all Patents and Trademark Offices.


Send information of your IPR (such as jurisdiction and Patent number) to create a docket.
Docket Creation
We enrol your global IP portfolio into our system and create docket numbers for you.
When a payment is due within 90 days, we will send you reminders via email once a week.
Payment instruction
Place an order in a currency of your selection. We support most currencies incl. USD, EUR, GBP, CAD and CNY.
We will proceed with annuity payment within 5 working days and return official receipt within 24 hours upon issuance.

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